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SPOUD Agoora is a data platform for Apache Kafka that abstracts data storage and offers it transparent as domain data for people to use and collaborate. Didn’t see it, won’t believe it! Discover Agoora with your own eyes and clusters!

Meet our products features!


Organized catalogue in a directory view style with your all Data Offer where you can search and filter and keep your focus on what you are interested in.

Data details

Get Data Offer insides like ownership, transport, schema, profile and direct links to external tools so you can keep everything in one place.

(Open source Agents)

Agents run next to the targeted transport (on prem or in the cloud) and gather metadata. Optionally, you can introspect data (schema inference and data profile). All of our agents are open source. Check github or use docker image.


Need more integration and automation ? In addition to the standard CRUD API, with hooks you can react to any change on the platform. Just use the Hooks gRPC API.

Enterprise integration

You want a better integration with your enterprise? Or you are concerned with data privacy? We got you covered with our dedicated cloud instance, IDP integration, folders, roles and many more…

What’s in it for you?

AGOORA is a data-platform for enterprise storage and streaming that encourages collaboration around data transparency and ownership.

Better data, better collaboration, more time for you !

Don’t change what’s already existing! Our goodness is only measured by our ability to integrate into existing ecosystems and tools. AGOORA encourages integration into existing tools, allows to fire and receive hooks to automatically react on external tools and offers robust APIs.

This gives you the ultimate freedom to integrate AGOORA the way you believe fits your needs best.

Transparency for data!

What would happen if your team had transparency with data and responsibilities? We believe it would change everything.

It will change how you identify with data, how you interact with data and how you communicate data between IT and business. This will change your data-culture.


Our Agoora agents are open source, under the MIT license. This means you can have a look at how they work and you can inspire yourself if you want to build custom agents. They are coded in java using the Quarkus framework.

Agents run next to your precious data systems. If the profiling is enabled, it will even look into your data. Our relationship with our customers is a relationship built on mutual trust. Therefore it’s of utmost importance to us to show them exactly what we do, what actually happens to the data of our customers.

Supported Platforms and Integrations

Try it!

We made AGOORA specifically simple from the start. It requires minimal integration through a hybrid SaaS/Agent architecture.

Simply install an agent for (all) the Kafka cluster you wish to support. You can observe your Kafka topics in our SaaS afterward.

The installation of Agoora is simple and doesn’t require JMX like CMAK (former Kafka Manager).

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About Us

AGOORA grew from a need for data and ownership transparency. We created a tool that helps us to become better Kafka engineers.

We are a team of innovative and experienced startup enthusiasts, technology specialists and pioneers in the field of real-time data processing. Our vision is to inspire enterprises to become fully data-driven and we are passionate about creating a product and services to achieve this.

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