Unlock the Power of Data with Agoora: Your Key to Transparency

Welcome to the world of Agoora, where data is not just information; it’s a valuable product waiting to be embraced and utilized like never before.

With Agoora, the data catalog, we’ve reimagined data abstraction, making it effortlessly accessible and transparent as data products. Now, you can harness the true potential of your data without any hassle.

Seeing is believing, and we invite you to witness Agoora firsthand. Experience the transformation as you dive into your very own data and unleash the true power of collaboration.

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Customer Experience

More than 80% of enterprise data just sits there in the shadows, doing nothing. It’s like this hidden treasure that businesses aren’t using to make smart choices or make things run smoother.

Meet our products features!

Data Product

Organized catalog in a directory view style with your all Data Product where you can search and filter and keep your focus on what you are interested in.

Power of Data Transparency

Experience a game-changing shift in your team’s dynamics with data transparency. Imagine a world where responsibilities and data are crystal clear. Data remains trapped within data silos, and the most significant hurdle to achieving data-driven results is the liberation of this data from these systems.

Data Lineage

When you see where your data’s been, you’re not just making decisions – you’re making smart choices with confidence. You’ll know your data is, and that builds trust, not just with your team, but also with your clients. It’s the key to staying ahead in your data game and paving your way to success.

(Open source Agents)

With Agoora, we seamlessly integrate into your existing ecosystems and tools, offering automatic reactions and robust APIs. Tailor Agoora to suit your unique needs and thrive in your data-driven endeavors!

Enterprise integration

You want a better integration with your enterprise? Or you are concerned with data privacy? We got you covered with our dedicated cloud instance, IDP integration, folders, roles and many more…

Open Sourced

Our Agoora agents are open source, under the MIT license. This means you can have a look at how they work and you can inspire yourself if you want to build custom agents. They are coded in java using the Quarkus framework.

Agents run next to your precious data systems. If the profiling is enabled, it will even look into your data. Our relationship with our customers is a relationship built on mutual trust. Therefore it’s of utmost importance to us to show them exactly what we do, what actually happens to the data of our customers.

Supported Platforms and Integrations

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We made AGOORA specifically simple from the start. It requires minimal integration through a hybrid SaaS/Agent architecture.

Simply install an agent for (all) the Kafka cluster you wish to support. You can observe your Kafka topics in our SaaS afterward.

The installation of Agoora is simple and doesn’t require JMX like CMAK (former Kafka Manager).

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About Us

About us:  Agoora – Empowering Data Transparency!
Our journey began with a strong desire for data and ownership transparency. As passionate Kafka engineers, we saw the need for a tool that could elevate our skills and insights.
As the creators of Agoora, we are a dynamic team of technology specialists, and pioneers in real-time data processing. Our collective vision is to ignite a data-driven revolution in enterprises worldwide. We are driven by the passion to create exceptional products and services that enable this transformation.
Curious to learn more about our story? Stay tuned as we continue to inspire and shape the future of data-driven enterprises. Together, let’s unlock the full potential of data transparency!

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